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Our style

The Nito-jutsu Seishin-ryu style is represented by the 9th dan master János Karsai in Hungary. The aim of the style is to develop the personality through martial arts. The focus is not on destroying the opponent, but on overcoming our own mistakes and weaknesses. In this way, a disciple can become a survivor, and the survivors can become life-protectors, valuable people who are ultimately able to make the fight unnecessary. Practising the various bare-handed and sword techniques polish the disciple’s personality, strengthen their willpower, while achieving the designated goals give positive feedback.

The participants in our trainings get the opportunity of acceptance of their values ​​and weaknesses without criticism, to develop their individuality.

Our teaching method is not based on judgement, but on everyone trying to face their own expectations. A uniqueness of our style is that one above a certain level, disciples learn to work equally with their left and right hands, and finally practising with two swords at the same time. Nito-jutsu Seishin-ryu as a personality development methodology leads us to find and overcome our own weaknesses, and this harmonious state leads us towards human values ​​in all areas of life.

International recognition of our style

On December 14, 2013, during a WJJKO seminary in the small Italian town of Schio, two diplomas were given to us by Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti, the president of WJJKO - one about accepting Nitó-jutsu Seishin-ryu as a non-traditional ken-jutsu school in Japan and one about giving the rank of soke to the founder of the style, János Karsai kenshi.